Physical & Computer Modelling

NDC has specialized expertise in field of computer (Numerical) and Physical Hydraulic Modeling. The hydraulic modeling experts of NDC have carried out 1D/2D/3D Computer/ Numerical and Physical Hydraulic model studies of various hydraulic structures such as spillways, diversion tunnels, flushing tunnels, surge tanks, stilling Basins, Flip/ Roller Bucket of Diamer Basha Dam, Neelum Jhelum Dam, Dasu Hydropower Dam and Keyal Hydropower Dam etc.

NDC is one of the leading firm which has excellence in design of hydraulic structures particularly spillways, stilling basins, diversion tunnels, headworks and barrages which involve extensive numerical and physical modelling for establishing safety against cavitations in spillways, scour downstream of dam barrages, uplift pressure and selection of appropriate locations for river training and flood protection works.

Besides hydraulic modeling, NDC experts are well versed in generating various other types of computer / numerical models. For this purpose, NDC design teams include experts who are well conversant with respective computer applications including but not limited to SAP 2000, ETABS, STAAD.Pro, SewerGEM, Water GEM, CADAM, SLIDE, SWEDGE, ROCLAB, HECRAS. MODFLOW etc.

NDC services in regards to physical and computer modeling includes:

  • Physical Model of Hydraulic Structures
  • Computer Modeling for Hydraulic Design
  • Computer Modeling for Structural Design and Stability Analysis
  • Groundwater Computer Modelling
  • Computer Modeling for Analysis of Water Supply/Distribution System Design
  • Computer Modeling for Design of Sewerage & Drainage Systems
  • Computer Modeling for Land Slide and Slope Stability
  • Computer Modeling for Rockmass Slope Stability
  • Computer Modeling for Hydrological and Sedimentation Studies