A Perspective from Mr. Ghulam Hussain, Chief Executive of NDC (Pvt.) Ltd.

"NDC (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading engineering consultancy firms of Pakistan. The backbone of our company is none the less strong due to local leadership. By developing and retaining local leaders, we aim at building the value of NDC and become One Great Sustainable Company as outlined in our Strategic Plan."

"We’ve succeeded throughout our history by maintaining focus on the needs and interests of our clients. By strengthening our regional management teams and coaxing them to lead strategic and day-to-day operations in their areas, we continue to grow and are profitable firms simultaneously helping our Client to grow too. We urge our teams to share resources on each other’s strength and make sanguine decisions at the lowest possible level to ultimately achieve the cherished values of NDC (Pvt.) Ltd."

"Our existing business group structure has served us well, and we are conscious of the need to build on our success in Hydropower Energy, Water and Environmental, Transportation, Building & Resource Management while also developing new service areas. We are adept to diversify in many ways such as acquisition etc. The key for this flexibility is to grow by providing the appropriate delivery methods for our clients.”

"There are many ways for us to continue our role of leadership in the industry, including geographic strengthening, leveraging our business synergies, winning mega-project assignments and capturing new growth markets. But the core of our success hinges on the technical and professional excellence of employees. Nurturing the professional talents of our employees while developing the technologies and quality systems needed to serve clients makes us the Consultants of Choice that provide outstanding competitive performances."