Our Projects

Dams & Hydropower Engineering

Over the years, NDC, iteralia, has provided or is providing consulting services in planning, design and construction supervision of the following Dams, Hydropower projects.

  • Hingol Dam Project. Preparation of project planning report, detailed engineering design and tender documents.
  • High Head Hydropower Projects ( Indus Tributaries Khan Khwar-Dubar Khwar-Alai Khwar) 323 MW
  • Detailed Design & Construction supervision of Four (4) Dams, Barganatu, Khair Bara, Maroobi & Jabba Khattak.
  • WAPDA's Visions 2005 Development Projects. General Consultancy Services.
  • Diamer Bhasha Dam (270m High RCC) Multipurpose Project - Review of Feasibilty Report and preparation of detailed engineering design. Tender Documents, Drawings. (4500 MW)
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report of Naltar Hydropower Project in nothern areas of Pakistan
  • Design and construction supervision of 70 feet high rockfill Zaibi Dam in Karak District.
  • Feasibility Reports of Ballar Dam near Turbat in Balochistan, Kuchnai Dam in Hanna-Urak Valey near Quetta.
  • Feasibility Reports for Sanam Dam, Darbalai Dam in South Waziristan Agency and five small dams in Kurram Basin and Kandar Dam, Chanda Fateh Khan Dam Kohat District.
  • Detailed design and construction supervision of Phase-II works for increasing capacity of Baran Dam Reservoir.
  • Detailed design and construction supervision for dam, spillway, irrigation system and structures of Sharki Dam.
  • Carried out Feasibility Study for Gomal Zam Dam and its irrigation system.
  • Detailed design and construction supervision for Azakhel Dam in NWFP.
  • Consultancy Services to Study the possibility of Exporting Hydropower from CIS Countries to Arab Countries (Funded by IDB)
  • Design and construction supervision of Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project comprising 133 meter high RCC dam, a barrage with irrigation canal network to irrigate 66,000 ha and a underground powerhouse of 17 MW capacity.
Irrigation & Drainage

NDC Commands Water Management Project comprising sub-projects in all four provinces of Pakistan which included design, remodelling and construction supervision of irrigation channels, cross-drainage works, regulators, bridges and roads.

  • Rehabillitation of Irrigation and Drainage System of Sindh Province.
  • Extension of Pat Feeder Canal Project. Detailed Design & Construction Supervision.
  • RBOD-III - Balochistan Effluent into RBOD - Preparation of Detailed Engineering Designs, Bidding Documents
  • and Construction Supervision.
  • Kachhi Canal Project. Detailed Design, Drawings & Tender Documents.
  • Feasibility study of Kharian Irrigation Canal Project to Irrigate 66000 acres of land in Gujrat and Kharian Tehsil
  • Third Party Monitoring of DPR Values in FO Managed Channels Case Studies of FOs and Performance Evaluation. Engineering Audit of M & R Works.
  • RBOD-I - Balance Work - Review of Detailed Engineering Designs, Bidding Documents and Construction Supervision.
  • RBOD-II - Major Structures - Detailed Engineering Design and Constuction Supervision.
  • Greater Thal Canal Project. Detailed Engineering Studies & Tender Documents.
  • Feasibility study for construction of Small Dams on NAI BARAN, NAI SANN, NAI BAZ, KHANDO, NAI BANDHNI and other NAI's in Khirthar Range.
  • Rehabillitation of Lower Chenab Canal Project (LCC) Part B, Engineering Design & Supervision.
  • Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project stage-II, providing irrigation water to 94,000 acres of fertile land, of D.I Khan district of NWFP
  • Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project stage-III, providing irrigation facilities to 362,000 acres of fertile land, of D.I Khan district of NWFP and in D.G Khan, Punjab.
  • Pehur High Level Canal Project
  • Marala Ravi Link Canal (22,000 cusecs capacity) system Restoration and Improvement Project
  • Sehwan Barrage Complex Feasibility Study and Design Project
  • Remodlling Thal Canal and its distribution system
  • Fordwah Eastern Sadiqia (South) Drainage Project
  • Swabi SCARP providing surface and sub-surface facilities to 281,300 acres.
  • National Drainage Programme (NDP) for rehabilitation, remodeling and extension of surface drainage in all the four provinces.
  • Puinjab Private Sector Groundwater Development Project, involving community mobilization and "Farmer Organizations (FOs)" for privatizing about 4,200 tube-wells and promoting Farmers participation in canal lining.
On Farm Water Management Works (OFWM)

NDC have provided services for planning, design, construction supervision and quality control of On Farm Water Management Works on the following major projects financed by international donor agencies like ADB and IBRD.

  • Command Area of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project (CRBIP) Stage-II.
  • Agricultural development of command area of Upper Swat Canal System including rehabilitation / remodeling of 1,027 water courses and improvement of Agriculture Extension Services to the farmers.
  • Second SCARP Transition Project, involving transfer of public tubewells to private section in Punjab.
  • Third OFWM Project, involving formation of 3,000 Water Users Associations and renovation of about 3,000 canal command watercourses in Bahawalpur and D.G. Khan Districts.
  • Command Area of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project, Stage-III including construction of about 2,000 water courses and formation & training of Farmer's Organizations.
River Training and Flood Protection Works Projects

Having worked in Irrigation and Prowers Department of Government of the Punjab for several years, the Partners and Associates of NDC have gained vast experience in River Training and Flood Protection Works. This vast and extensive knowledge was utilized by them on the following Projects.

  • Construction Supervision of "TAUNSA BARRAGE Emergency Rehabillitation and Modernization Project"
  • Second Flood Protection Sector Project involving preparation and implementation of flood protection works and capacity building integrated management in all the four provinces.
  • Detailed design of Training Works of Sehwan Barrage on the mighty Indus River, a project of Irrigation and Power Department, Government of sindh.
  • Flood Control Measures of Lai Nullah Rawalpindi, Government of the Punjab.
  • Feasibility Study for Flood Protection Works on the Left-Bank of Indus River downstream of Tarbela Dam.
  • Flood Protection works in Hanna-Urak Valley near Quetta and many other hill-torrents in Balochistan.
  • Designed and supervised the construction of super-passages across CRBIP Stage-II Canal and flood carrier channels to carry the storm water run-off from Sulemanki range of mountains to Indus River.
  • Designed River Training Works for Arterial Road bridge on Bhimber Nullah connecting Punjab with Azad Jammu and Kashmir.