Agriculture & On-Farm Management

NDC have provided services for planning, design, construction supervision and quality control of On-Farm Water Management works of the following major projects financed by international donor agencies like ADB and IBRD.

  • Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP-Revised)
  • Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP)
  • Command Area of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project (CRBIP) Stage-II.
  • Swabi SCARP (agricultural development of command area of Upper Swat Canal System)
  • Second SCARP Transition Project
  • Command Area of CRBIP Stage-III
  • Command Area of Pehur High Level Canal Project
  • Third On-Farm Water Management Project, Punjab
  • On-Farm Water Management Project, Balochistan


NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of Agriculture & On-Farm Water Management Projects:

  • Collection and collation of relevant data; conducting field investigations and surveys
  • Design of watercourses
  • Plans for precision land leveling
  • Design and installation of On-Farm Drainage
  • Preparation of cost estimates and PC-I Proformas
  • Feasibility and detailed design including Cropping calendar and planting distribution, Agro-climatic studies for crop water requirements, Studies of non-water inputs for optimum development etc.
  • Supervision / Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
  • Water budgets and crop water requirements
  • Planning new and strengthening existing farmers water users associations
  • Preparation training and research programmes
  • Planning institutional development
  • Month-wise farm operations schedules
  • Procurement and distribution of improved seed, fertilizers and plant protection material