Surveys & Investigations

NDC has been providing services regarding to engineering surveys / mapping and investigations. These include, but not limited to, geodetic survey, topographic survey, route survey, hydrographic surveys, pre/post construction surveys, geotechnical investigations, geological exploration, and geophysical investigations for hydropower, dams, canals, highways and all types of engineering work. Listed below are some projects completed in last 10 years where NDC has conducted / supervised / validated surveys & investigation.

  • Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Dasu Hydropower Project
  • Construction Supervision of Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project
  • Construction Supervision of Allai Khwar, Duber Khwar and Khan Khwar High-Head Hydropower Projects
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Keyal Khwar Hydropower Project
  • Detailed Design of Diamer Basha Dam Project
  • Feasibility Design of Thakot Hydropower Project
  • Feasibility Design of Pattan Hydropower Project
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Tank Zam Dam
  • Updation of Design of Papin Dam
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Hingol Dam
  • Feasibility Design of Ghorband Khwar and Nandihar hydropower projects
  • Feasibility / Detailed Design of Small Dams in FATA and KPK
  • Concrete Canal Lining and Rehabilitation of Jamrao Canal System
  • Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Kachhi Canal System
  • Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project
  • Pakpattan Canal and Suleimanki Barrage Improvement Project
  • Construction Supervision of Flood Protection Works in Sindh
  • Design of Pothohar Climate Irrigated Agriculture Project
  • Detailed Design of Islam Barrage
  • Extension of Sewerage Network to un-served areas, Faisalabad
  • Condition Surveys and GIS Mapping for Master Planning for Peshawar Towns
  • Survey & Preparation of GIS Database of Peshawar Master Planning
  • Condition Survey in 4 Districts Under Punjab Intermediate Cities improvement Investment Program
  • Design for Flood Protection of Kotli Mandi City and Other Vulnerable Areas
  • Design Review of Jacobabad Wastewater system