Agriculture & On-Farm Management

Agriculture Division of NDC comprises highly qualified and experienced experts for providing full spectrum of expertise required for conducting studies and formulating agriculture development plans regarding irrigation and agriculture projects. Besides, special studies on agriculture, livestock development and agriculture supporting services are also conducted by this Division. NDC has, over the years, successfully planned, designed and supervised Agriculture Sector major projects financed by international donor agencies like ADB and IBRD including but not limited to Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project, On-Farm Water Management Project (Punjab & Balochistan), SCARP Projects,  Command Area of Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Projects etc.

NDC provide expertise to its clients for “On-Farm Water Management” (OFWM) and "High Efficiency Irrigation System" (HEIS) for improved water productivity i.e. producing more crop per drop. For conserving water, which is an expensive and scarce commodity, mechanized construction is generally adopted for unlined watercourses so that the banks get compacted, lining of leaky sections, installation of Pucca Nuccas, provision of sufficient culverts, buffalo wallows and drop structures for farm development, initial rough land-leveling and final precision land-leveling of the command areas.

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of Agriculture & On-Farm Water Management Projects:

  • Collection and collation of relevant data; conducting field investigations and surveys
  • Design of watercourses
  • Plans for precision land leveling
  • Design and installation of On-Farm Drainage
  • Planning, design and installation of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Feasibility and detailed design including Cropping calendar and planting distribution
  • Agro-climatic studies for crop water requirements and water budgets
  • Studies of non-water inputs for optimum development etc.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and PC-I Proformas
  • Supervision / Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
  • Formulation and Trainings of farmers water users associations
  • Planning institutional development
  • Month-wise farm operations schedules