NDC has undertaken various Roads Sector Development Projects including motorways, highways, carriageways, rural and urban road & bridges in Punjab, KPK and AJK. Currently, NDC is engaged as Assistant to Engineer's Representative on 392 km long Sukkur Multan Section of Peshawar Karachi Motorway.

NDC has expertise in all aspects of Transportation Engineering from initial planning studies to detailed design and construction supervision / contract management for urban highways, roads in mountainous regions and rural low cost, labour intensive farm market roads, and road structures like bridges, culverts, underpasses, subways, crossings, cattle creeps etc. In addition, NDC has also supervised projects in various parts of country for post floods rehabilitation of many roads and road structures.

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of transportation projects including:

  • Planning and alignment studies
  • Surveys/ investigations and Mapping including GIS database development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, resettlement action plans
  • Traffic Load Studies
  • Identification of areas for construction materials, construction scheduling
  • Geometric design of horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements
  • Structural and hydraulic design & analysis of road structures & bridges
  • Contract Packaging, Tender Documents, Cost Estimation, Financial Analysis
  • Construction Supervision & Contract Management