Dams & Hydropower

NDC, by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, is considered Pakistan’s largest Hydropower Consulting Engineering Company with its engagement (independently or through consortia) in Design & Contract Administration / Supervision of more than 20,000 MW of Hydropower Projects in Pakistan including Detailed Engineering Design (JV with foreign firm) of World’s highest RCC Dams Diamer Basha Dam (272 m high / 4500 MW) and Dasu Dam (242 m high / 4320 MW).

NDC provides consultancy services for various aspects of hydropower projects including:

  • Hydrological and Sedimentation studies, flood routing and reservoir simulation
  • Geological and Geotechnical Investigation, seismic hazard studies, geo-engineering studies, liquefaction of alluvium studies
  • Design of roller compacted concrete, rock fill and concrete gravity dams. Rock slope stability analysis
  • Design of Spillways, appurtenant structures, river diversion, model studies
  • Physical Hydraulic Model Studies of various components of HPP
  • 3 Dimensional Computational/Numerical Modelling of Spillways, Sedimentation Basin, Stilling Basin, Flip Buckets, Tunnel Systems, Surge Shafts and Flood Routing
  • Optimisation of installed capacity
  • Design of tunnels, caverns, underground structures, layout planning
  • Turbines, Generators &Power stations, transmission lines, selection of power plants
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Tunnel Excavation using latest techniques including Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)
  • Identification of areas for construction materials, construction scheduling
  • Contract packaging, cost estimation, Financial Analysis, Irrigation and Power benefits studies, conjunctive operation of reservoirs
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • Petroleum/ Gas Transmission Systems ♦ Instrumentation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, resettlement action plans
  • Surveys and Mapping including GIS database development